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After all, it's not easy
banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall
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4th-Nov-2008 12:17 pm - Indecision 2008

(I did, too! Two weeks ago!)

Dear America,

As you go to the polls today-- and come on! You better go to the polls today! And if you don't, you automatically forfeit your right to whine about anything the next president does for the next four years. Trufax. Anyway, as you go the polls today, please remember this: "I'd have a beer with him" is not a qualification for political office (except maybe Secretary of Partying Down), nor is "I'd tap that" (except maybe Secretary for Fabulous Affairs). And that last one goes for Obama fans as well as Palin milf-hunters. (I don't think there are many people voting for McCain because of his sexy body. Oh yeah, that swollen facial gland gets me soaked. I can't even type that without throwing up a little in my mouth.) If When you vote today, vote for whoever you agree with most. If you're not sure what the candidates stand for, find out! It's not that hard.

Your absentee daughter Ayla

I'm going to be up late watching the news at Jenn and Bri's apartment. Even though we won't even begin to get results until after midnight here, and Bri voted for McCain while Jenn and I are Obama ladies, we are still going to make "American snacks" (whatever those are!) and watch the coverage. I'm hoping that one of the channels will have the Daily Show's live coverage. It's just not the same with out Jon Stewart's boyish grin and silly commentary!

And I leave you with this:

(Post deliberately left unlocked! For America.)
4th-Feb-2006 07:09 am - This has been long in coming...
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